What is involved with hiring and Inventory Professional?

A typical telephone consultation takes about 15 - 20 minutes.  An in-home consultation takes about 45 minutes.  The average time to perform a standard photograph inventory is about one hour per 1,000 sqft.

Our professionals are insured and bonded.

What is my expected cost in hiring and Inventory Professional?

The hourly rate for an Inventory professional is $ 75 p/hour.  Home Inventory services are priced based on property square footage.

How is billing structured at Chesapeake Inventory?

Consultation fees are paid upon delivery.  Inventory Services require a 50% deposit to secure your date(s) of service.  Balance is due upon delivery of your final inventory folio report and photos.  Home Management Services are billed monthly.

What other consultants or experts will be needed?

Our inventory professionals strive to meet  clients' needs.  By leveraging partnerships with property managers, real estate agents, insurance agents, estate planners, home organizers and property appraisers, we are able to customize the right solution for you.