Home Management

First Time Homeowners

Buying your fist home can be exciting and overwhelming.  There is so much to do and so much to buy.  We assist new homeowners in setting up their whole house without breaking the bank.


We assist you in putting together a comprehensive home maintenance and repair/remodel budget.  Having a budget of what it costs to run your home each year will allow you to plan for required or desired home improvements.

Property Inventory

We conduct a full personal property inventory to help you determine the condition and value of what you own.

Home Systems Survey

We work with you to assess the condition of all your home systems to determine maintenance service scheduling frequency and replacement needs.

Maintenance Calendar

We work with you to create an annual maintenance calendar for your home.  Whether you have a brand new home or are living in an established home, having and maintaining a home maintenance schedule is critical to sustaining the long-term value of your property.

Service Repair Contacts

We create a master vendor contact list of those trusted and preferred service providers who help you maintain your home inside and out.

Do you own more than one home?  Share this list with your spouse, trusted friend, adult children or property management company to ensure they know who is allowed access to your home(s).